Discover how to conquer the pain of your data center supply chain

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Discover how to conquer the pain of your data center supply chain ebook

It’s no secret that supply chains are struggling to fulfill the demand for IT hardware. Today’s constraints started in the summer of 2019, when manufacturing delays caused hardware to sustain weeks-long delivery delays (a brief wait by today’s standards).

What we couldn’t have known back then was that a global pandemic would exacerbate these issues with manufacturing shutdowns, parts and labor shortages, and disruptions to every aspect of how we conduct business.

To move your business forward in today’s climate, you can’t wait for supply constraints to ease on their own. You need a strategy for implementing large data center projects on your own terms.

Integrated data center solutions (IDCS) give you the precision, consulting, and quality control you need to deploy your data center equipment quickly and effectively. By working with a trusted integration partner, you can leverage a concierge approach of project management, procurement, and supply chain and logistics management to ensure your large-scale projects remain on schedule and issue-free.

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