Hardware Remarket

Team with SHI to create value through
refurbishing and reselling your old IT equipment.

So you don’t want to redeploy, recycle or donate retiring technology, but don’t want it piling up in that office utility closet nobody uses, either? Have you considered what that technology might be worth to someone else?

Not only can you purchase your favorite brands and solutions from us, but we can also efficiently resell your equipment for you!

After the equipment recovery process has been initiated and an SHI auditor has determined that the equipment is in good working condition, SHI can place it back on the market for resale. We maximize the return by providing a set of percentage of the total resale proceeds back to you. This can be applied as a credit towards future asset recoveries or transferred to your organization by check.

To understand more about how Hardware Remarket works and what your options are,
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