Data Removal
and Destruction

Don’t retire data from old PCs …
DESTROY IT! (Responsibly, of course).

Gone are the days when a Louisville Slugger and a dumpster could adequately handle your IT asset disposal needs. Whether you decide to reuse existing equipment or not, the data on the hard drives needs to be erased in compliance with federal regulations and discarded materials disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way.

With SHI managing your data removal and destruction process, you never have to worry about your information ending up in the wrong hands. After retiring PCs are collected, your hard drives are completely expunged before they are recycled, resold or redeployed as per your choice. All hard drives are scrubbed using a Department of Defense-approved and -patented overwriting software. This three-pass data wipe overwrites the hard drive three different times, with three different patterns, to ensure that there’s not a single shred of information left.

If for some reason a hard drive cannot be wiped (as is the case with some external drives) then the hardware is shredded and disposed of accordingly.

This service can be done on-site or the equipment can be sent to one of our several processing facilities. We also provide real-time reporting so that you know what stage your equipment is in along with a certificate of destruction and erase verification report.

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