Hardware Redeployment

Generate cost savings and increase your ROI
by redeploying seasoned assets back into
your IT environment.

One of the more recognizable phrases from the golden age of bumper stickers was, “Don’t Laugh, It’s Paid For.” Since the same could be said of some of your more “seasoned” technology assets, SHI can help you recognize immediate cost savings/cost avoidance through our Hardware Redeployment services.

After your existing equipment has been evaluated and audited for functionality and security, it may be in working order and available for use by another end user. This is a great alternative to purchasing net-new equipment for either a short-term project or when it may not be necessary at all. Cutting costs without sacrificing production, quality or time is a procurement professional’s dream come true.

Redeployment is a key part of the asset recovery process and occurs after the auditor has determined that the machine is eligible for reissuing or donation. A charitable donation may be something to claim on taxes, but redeployment increases your ROI much further — and more immediate — than what may have been initially anticipated.

Having a Hardware Redeployment process in place may also help support your organization’s “green IT” initiatives. Although recycling equipment with SHI guarantees that nothing will end up in a landfill, reusing your IT assets within your own organization is still better for the environment according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. That means green for both your wallet and the planet!

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