Increase productivity without sacrificing quality:
Right-size your team with SHI’s Staffing Solutions.

Sometimes your budget doesn’t allow for the number of full-time IT professionals that are needed during peak demand periods. Or you have the personnel, but their plate is either already full or they lack the specific skill set needed to complete a project. Shortages in staff can lead to missed deadlines, expensive overtime and burnt out employees fielding complaints from both managers and end users alike.

SHI can help.

Our staff agumentation solutions function on an as-needed basis: you call us when you need help – and once the job is done, it’s back to business as usual. The time-consuming hiring, training and firing process is not just streamlined … it’s eliminated!

SHI evaluates your existing personnel resources and determines which skill sets are needed (as well as where and when) to complete a project on time. We then deploy certified and vetted technicians to support your IT team with whatever is needed. No project is too big or too small and our temporary tech staff can be available for both short- and long-term commitments.

Staff Augmentation can help with:
  • Data Center Installation
  • Network Design and Implementation
  • OS Migration
  • Data Protection Environment Installation and Startup Service

For more information about staff augmentation through SHI, contact us today!