Project Planning
and Consultation

IT projects are a journey … need help getting yours to take flight? SHI can help get your project off the ground.

The reason wedding planners rake in a combined $1 billion each year is simple: six hours of fun is a result of six months of meticulous planning. Minus the bad dancing, IT is no different. Strategic, detail-oriented project planning is the key to success and it starts on day one.

SHI’s team of experienced, dedicated project planning consultants provide advanced planning and testing to ensure:

  • Schedules are realistic and attainable.
  • Tasks are clearly defined.
  • Milestones are achieved.
  • Communication and reporting are provided as a fundamental necessity.
  • Projects are completed on time and within budget.

What We’ll Do

  • Initiate – SHI officially begins your project by defining its process, scope, objectives, stakeholders and due dates.
  • Plan – Once the basics are established, we hold a kick-off meeting to create a project plan and documentation library that helps identify delivery resources while identifying (and eliminating) potential problems. 

How You’ll Benefit

  • Identifiable ROI – Projects are delivered on schedule and within budget to help you recognize increased ROI.
  • Increased Satisfaction – SHI identifies what is needed to produce the desired results of all project stakeholders and affected end-users.
  • Support of Strategic Goals – We keep your team on track and align project goals and priorities with that of your organization.
  • Flexibility – A detailed roadmap is provided, showing how to best achieve both technical and business goals. Successful execution of the project plan allows your staff to focus on objectives and react quickly to any challenges that may arise.
  • Increased Productivity – Projects are completed faster thanks to effectively managed and distributed resources.

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