Rack and Stack

The servers you need, without any of the hassle.

Your on-site servers are the backbone of your organization, but assembling and maintaining them can be a technical, financial and logistical burden.

SHI's certified team of Rack and Stack configuration technicians are available to support every step of your rack and stack project, from design and assembly to testing and delivery.

SHI ships fully configured server racks that are tested and ready-to-use to both domestic and international locations, saving time and money throughout the process. If necessary, our technicians can even be on-site to install them for you!

Take a closer look at SHI's Rack and Stack Services

Our Rack and Stack Services Include:

  • On-Site Implementations (International Capabilities)
  • Order Consolidation
  • Receiving and Unpacking
  • Inventory Check and Serial Number Recording
  • Custom Assembly and Rack Mounting
  • Custom Power Failover Testing
  • Power and Cooling
  • Custom Pre-Installation Testing/Configuration
  • Hardware Validation
  • System Updates
  • Firmware and BIOS Upgrades
  • Full Diagnostic
  • Quality Assurance Inspection
  • Asset Tagging/Labeling
  • Power/Network/Intra-Cabinet Cabling
  • Final Confirmation (Digital Photo QA)
  • Customized Delivery Date and Deployment Coordination
  • Equipment Storage

Our SHI Integration Center Features:

  • ISO 9001-certification
  • Less than 1% failure rate on delivered server racks
  • Over 305,000 square feet of configuration and warehouse space
  • Capable of producing 3,500 systems/servers
    per day
  • Capable of storing the equivalent of 260,000 desktops, 180,000 printers or 630,000 laptops at a given time
Visit our Integration Center page for more information.

To learn more about our Rack and Stack Services, contact us today.