Maintenance Optimization

You maintain your software through maintenance agreements, but how do you maintain all of those agreements?

SHI’s hands-on approach optimizes all of your agreements from big-name publishers to the niche, long-tail programs installed on only a handful of devices. We track, analyze and negotiate your agreements, providing you with maximized savings, increased workplace efficiencies and greater return on investment (ROI).

Our three-step optimization process includes:


Online Agreement Tracking

Our maintenance optimization services integrate into the online renewal organizer platform for easy visibility into your entire agreement landscape.


ROI Analysis

We create ROI reports and provide renewal recommendations based on your license utilization, upgrade cycles and support usage.


Negotiation Services

If requested, we leverage our industry experience to negotiate on your behalf and obtain the best possible terms.


  • Greater Insight

    See all of your agreements – and the details relevant for their renewal – in one simple online view.

  • Increased Savings

    Discover savings opportunities you didn’t know you had.

  • Enhanced Efficiency

    Spend less time tediously reviewing agreements and more time on important initiatives.

To discover how SHI can optimize your maintenance agreement landscape, contact us today!