Cloud Readiness Support

You are ready to move to the cloud – but is your software? Ensure your legacy software is legally able to make the transition with SHI’s Cloud Readiness Support services!

Our Cloud Readiness Support services include:


Identification of Relevant Terms

We review your software agreements and identify all terms that are relevant to a cloud transition.


Analysis & Negotiation

We pinpoint contractual terms that could potentially cause problems during a cloud migration and renegotiate with vendors accordingly on your behalf.


Online System

All contract terms relevant to your cloud transition are posted within our easily accessible online contract management system.


  • Faster Deployment

    Our abundance of experience and resources speeds up the contract review process so you stay on schedule.

  • Risk Avoidance

    We help you address potential compliance issues before they can become a problem.

  • Minimized Disruption

    We do your cloud transition legwork so you can keep working on your regularly scheduled projects without interruption.

Contact us today today to learn more about how SHI can prepare your contracts for the cloud.