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Software-defined and Hybrid cloud solutions that reduce complexity and tame the IT Monster so you can unleash speed and accelerate with confidence.

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HPE are In the Acceleration Business. Their aim is to help customers use technology to slash the time it takes to turn ideas into value. Transforming industries, markets and lives. Wherever transformation journey you're on, HPE provide the technology and solutions to help you succeed. Shop HPE 

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SHI is one of HPE's top partners globally. As a strategic partnership, SHI and HPE can draw on years of experience to aid you in implementing the right mix of Hybrid Cloud infrastructure that delivers innovation without driving up costs. Contact SHI 

HPE Software-defined & Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Bring new speed to your business with software-defined infrastructure and simplified hybrid cloud management.

HPE- Right Mix of Hybrid Cloud
What workloads do you move to the cloud? The first question to answer is, what's the right mix for your apps and data, today and tomorrow?

Organisations are rushing to the cloud to simplify their IT, make it agile, scalable and secure. It's critical to think of the cloud not as a destination, but a new way of doing things...a better way of doing things. Getting the right mix of Hybrid Cloud is essential when embarking on a cloud transformation project. HPE's leading hybrid cloud technology and a holistic strategy makes the journey to the cloud - and the experience once you're there - easy, efficient and productive.

HPE SimpliVity

Hyper-simple. Hyper-scalable. Hyperconverged.

HPE SimpliVity with Composable Fabric Overview

Hyperconvergence combines storage, server, hypervisor and networking in a single, scalable, compact device. An enterprise-grade hyperconverged platform that speeds application performance, improves efficiency and resiliency, and backs up/restores VMs in seconds. Streamline IT operations with a fast, simple and efficient hyperconverged platform.

Simplvity Case Study
Find out how Red Bull Racing accelerated performance with HPE's hyperconverged infrastructure

HPE Synergy

Software-defined composable infrastructure to manage and deploy IT resources quickly and for any workload

An Intro to HPE Synergy

Deploy at cloud-like speed and scale (standup services in minutes with a single line of code). Develop apps faster and smarter. Automate everyday operations - 94% faster delivery of compute.

Synergy Brochure Thumb
Build your Synergy solution in five steps. See how quickly IT can turn ideas into value.

HPE OneView

Infrastructure Management Software

HPE OneView - The Foundation for Your Software-Defined Infrastructure

HPE OneView makes it simple to deploy and manage today's complex hybrid IT infrastructure. Through software-defined intelligence, HPE OneView takes a template-driven approach for deploying, provisioning, updating, and integrating compute, storage, and networking infrastructure. Designed with a modern, standards-based API, HPE OneView also helps you develop more applications faster through integrations with a broad ecosystem of third-party services and tools.

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Learn more about features, options, and what's new in HPE OneView
Intro to HPE OneSphere Multicloud Management Platform

HPE OneSphere is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) based multi-cloud management platform that simplifies self-service provisioning.

Optionally, it can be bundled with the HPE software-defined infrastructure, HPE Synergy, and HPE SimpliVity products. It can be deployed on-premises, integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure public cloud, as well as on-board existing VMware vSphere® virtual data centers.


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Clearpass Security Focus

Nimble Storage

To learn how nimble storage can help remove the burden of managing infrastructure

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Infosight for HPE Storage

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