Case Study:

Quest Diagnostics Leverages ITAM Services for Asset Management and Procurement Overhaul

ITAM Services by SHI mitigate risk and accommodate growing business needs


Customer Profile

World’s leading provider of diagnostic information services


Quest needed an extended ITAM team to help manage and maintain licenses, and their physical and virtual server environment.


IT Lifecycle

SHI created a smart catalog to manage Quest’s Master Software library, developed an asset tagging program, and customized a cloud-based solution for seamless integration.


  • Smart catalog for 300+ software licenses and applications
  • Simplified procurement
  • Optimal license utilization

This diagnostics laboratory company needed a thorough assessment and accurate results. SHI was up to the task, ready to prescribe a personalized ITAM solution.


With over 47,000 employees worldwide, Quest Diagnostics, the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services, needed a dedicated IT Asset Management provider to help with hardware and software asset management. Adhering to strict industry regulation and compliance data standards, Quest also needed an extended ITAM team whose experience involved working with customers of similar complexity and size.

Initially, the project involved mostly desktop products, and managing licenses, entitlements and maintenance for their entire Master Software Library (MSL), but soon it quickly scaled to encompass the complex metrics of a virtual server environment, comprised of all of their physical and virtual WinTel servers.


As Quest’s global provider of ITAM and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solutions, SHI offers a comprehensive set of customized ITAM Managed Services, including use of SHI’s ITAM Platform, discovery tools, licensing consultation and overall technical guidance for Quest’s entire IT estate. SHI acts as a virtual extension of Quest’s internal ITAM team as well as an integral partner.

Quest engaged SHI’s experts to discover and manage their global repository of tens of thousands of PC assets, the entirety of the WinTel servers and 300+ publisher software products. The ITAM solution is comprised of comprehensive hardware and software asset management, including:

  • Managing the entitlements and maintenance for their 300+ MSL
  • Developing a vendor asset tagging program for physical assets
  • Implementing a standard acquisition and disposition program
  • Tailoring a cloud-based solution that integrates with both internal and external provider systems

The Result:

Quest has become a true practitioner of their own solution, using SHI’s ITAM Platform for recognition training, compliance rules and data quality. The rules engine within the SHI platform allows SHI’s team to quickly model custom terms and conditions for each publisher, and write rules that can simultaneously optimize license coverage while ensuring SHI provides Quest with the most optimized compliance position.

The Software Request Portal within the platform allows Quest to provision software to their users in near real-time. The portal provides a streamlined process for, and centralized visibility into, the software request/acquisition process.

By breaking down Quest’s MSL into a smart catalog of software and applications, and allowing for both simple and sophisticated approvals and notification workflows, the portal simplifies procurement, reduces unauthorized or duplicate acquisitions, and enables optimal license utilization. Additionally, Quest has access to a dedicated team of SHI data quality experts to support the tool.

Next Steps:

In 2019, SHI became Quest’s global provider of both ITAM and ITAD solutions with SHI’s ITAM Platform, capturing all order management, reconciliation and document management functions. As subscriptions and cloud computing continue to present unique challenges, SHI will continue to partner with Quest to build customizable solutions that adapt to meet their changing needs.

Customer quote:

“SHI’s ITAM services are designed to meet our specific business needs, and have consistently delivered value while mitigating risk to our enterprise.”

⁠ John T. Muller - Sr. Manager – IT Asset Management – Quest Diagnostics