Deploying Your
Mobility Solution

Need to deploy a mobility solution that's quick, secure and fully configured but don't have the internal bandwidth to do so?

Let SHI do the heavy lifting for you! Our team of mobility experts boasts an array of services that ensure your solution is ready-to-go upon arrival ... no matter what devices, applications or functionality you require.

OS Migrations

SHI Zero Touch

Industry-leading devices. SHI's configuration experts. Your solution. From iOS to Windows and everything in between, SHI's configuration experts can make your dream devices become a reality.

SHI Zero Touch is an automated process that enables our skilled mobility experts to pre-stage devices in a highly scalable manner customized to your enterprise standards. With unparalleled speed and accuracy, SHI Zero Touch offers a host of imaging and configuration services, including:

  • Background settings
  • Naming conventions
  • Application content
  • Apple ID generation and verification
  • SIM Swap
  • Activations
  • In-house mobile application development
  • Corporate approved app deployment
  • Custom lock screens, home screen, and icon arrangement
  • Configuring Wi-Fi profiles that optimize functionality for user while ensuring security
  • Blacklisted URLs
  • Automated system updates

Windows 10 Icon

Windows 10 - Simplified.

Click here to learn more about SHI's Zero Touch Services for Windows 10 devices.


State-of-the-Art Integration Center

Our 300,000+ square-foot static-free, climate-controlled Integration Center is well- equipped to prepare, package, and ship tens of thousands of devices to end users around the world. From kitting devices to loading and activating complex software, we have the experts and solutions for all your mobility needs.

As demand for mobile access continues to rise, so does the need for asset management. Track your deployed devices by employing our skilled technicians for a host of services, including:

  • Asset Tagging and Laser Etching
  • Serial Number Capture
  • Custom Label & Packaging

With SHI's in-house data capture process, we can collect device identifiers and deliver them in a single spreadsheet, reducing your in-house asset management efforts and providing companies, carriers, and developers the information they need to assist in implementing your mobility solution.

Flexible Offerings

We'll put your device in a box, but we'll never box you in

At SHI, we understand that no two customers are alike. That's why we offer flexible service options that can be grouped any way you wish. Whether your business needs simple device prepping or a fully configured solution, we've got you covered.

For more information on deploying your mobility solution, contact us today!