Does every group in your organization need
new devices to arrive with their own unique image?
SHI can help!

Sales LIVES in CRM. Marketing needs Creative Suite and HR uses specialized software you’ve never heard of before. SHI can help.

If a new device does not feature the applications that a particular end-user needs to do their job, your hardware refresh has failed. And that device – and an escalation to management – is likely headed your way. Although the imaging process can be complicated, SHI’s expert imaging solutions team and e-commerce image management system will ensure your machines are business-ready the moment they arrive at your end-users’ fingertips.

How We Do It

SHI’s secure, flexible and scalable image management services support the unique needs of each organization within your enterprise. We apply images to all end-user devices, including:

  • Desktops and laptops
  • Mobile devices
  • Servers
To achieve this, we:
  • Offer a variety of delivery and deployment methods.
  • Provide an onboarding and testing process to ensure all images are production-ready before they are delivered to your end-users.
  • Test image system and application functionality, file and directory structure, and conflict resolution.
  • Manage images on-site at SHI, making revisions and updates when you need them.
  • House images on a secure, dedicated server and back-up media for fault tolerance.

Mobile Image Management

Providing a flexible workplace is key, and having a seamless mobility plan to ensure your devices are just as useful as a PC is more important than ever. SHI can take the headache out of this process and help you roll out large numbers of mobile devices with a similar “standard image” to what’s on your desktops and laptops. Our automated processes easily load all of your apps onto your smartphones and tablets – before they reach your employees’ hands!

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