News and Announcements


SHI Eclipses $7 Billion in Revenue Year to Date, Driven by Cloud and Data Center Solutions
The third quarter of the year yielded $2.47 billion in revenue, thanks to hybrid cloud adoption sparking substantial growth in both cloud services and data center and networking solutions.

SHI’s Penetration Test Strengthens Vermont’s Voting Infrastructure
The test, which searched for ways a malicious hacker could gain unauthorized access, revealed an opportunity to replace the state’s single-factor authentication with a more secure multi-factor method.

SHI International Achieves AWS Storage Competency Status
The designation highlights SHI’s ability to provide AWS Services and Support to customers looking to optimize their storage on AWS.

SHI’s AWS Business Was Top Reason for Record-Breaking Revenue in First Half of 2018
First-half revenue in 2018 experienced a 21% year-over-year increase from 2017, thanks to SHI’s expansion of AWS services and technical certifications.

SHI Experiences Record-Breaking $4.6 Billion Revenue in First Half of 2018
The impressive figure is 21% higher than last year, thanks to successful partnerships, AWS services and growth in all divisions.