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APC NetShelter SX rack cable management panel (vertical)

APC NetShelter SX rack cable management panel - 42U

Mfr Part #:
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Quick Details
  • 4
APC NetShelter SX rack cable management panel (vertical)
  • 4
  Additional Details
Price: £74.00
MSRP: £139.99
Mfr Part #: AR7511
SHI Part #: 17963814
Category: Rack systems for rack mount electroni...
UNSPSC: 24102001
Manufacturer: APC by Schneider Electric
Product Type: Accessories

Storage Networking (SAN)

APC rack blanking panel kit - 1U
  • black
  • 1U
  • 19" (pack of 10)
  • for NetShelter SX
MSRP £71.00 £43.00
APC rack shelf - 2U
  • 2U
  • for NetShelter 2; NetShelter EP; NetShelter ES; NetShelter SX; Netshelter VX; NetShelter WX
MSRP £92.00 £77.00
APC rack shelf - 1U
  • 1U
  • for NetShelter SX
MSRP £314.00 £228.00

Computer Accessories

APC ladder termination kit
  • wall mountable
  • black
  • for NetShelter SX
MSRP £59.99 £40.00
APC ladder corner clamp kit
  • for NetShelter SX
MSRP £69.99 £36.00
APC ladder clamp kit
  • yellow
  • for NetShelter SX
MSRP £48.00 £33.00
General Information
CategoryRack systems for rack mount electroni...
DescriptionAPC NetShelter SX rack cable management panel (vertical) - 4
ManufacturerAPC by Schneider Electric
Main Specifications
Dimensions & Weight / Depth1 cm
Dimensions & Weight / Height193 cm
Dimensions & Weight / Weight0.91 kg
Dimensions & Weight / Width6 cm
Header / BrandAPC
Miscellaneous / Product ColorBlack
Packaged Quantity1
Product TypeRack cable management panel
Service & Support / Type2-year warranty
Compatibility Information
Designed ForP/N: ACDC2513, ACF600, AP5607, AP7950B, AR2900, AR2901, AR3100G, AR3100TAA, AR3100W, AR3100X609, AR3100X610, AR3100X617, AR3130, AR3140, AR3140G, AR3140W, AR3150SP, AR3150W, AR3150X609, AR3150X610, AR3150X617, AR3180G, AR3200, AR3300G, AR3300SP, AR3300W, AR3300X609, AR3300X610, AR3300X617, AR3340, AR3340G, AR3340W, AR3350SP, AR3350W, AR3350X609, AR3350X610, AR3350X617, AR3810, AR3812, NBES0302, NBES0307, NBPD0160, NBPD0160A, NBPD0171, NBPD0172, NBPD0180, NBRK0201, NBRK0551, NBWL0355, NBWL0355A, NBWL0356A, SMC1000, SMC1000-2U, SMC1000I, SMC1000I-2U, SMC1000I-2UC, SMC1000I-BR, SMC1000IC, SMC1500, SMC15002U-BR, SMC1500-BR, SMC1500I, SMC1500I-2U, SMC1500I2U-BR, SMC1500I-2UC, SMC1500IC, SMC2000I-2U, SMC3000RMI2U, SMT1000RM2U, SMT1500RM1U, SMT1500RM2U, SMT1500RMI1U, SMT2200RM2U, SMT2200RM2UC, SMT3000I2U-BR, SMT3000RM2U, SMT3000RM2UC, SMT3000RMT2U, SMT750RM2U, SMX1000, SMX1000I, SMX1000US, SMX1500RM2U, SMX1500RM2UCNC, SMX1500RM2UNC, SMX1500RMI2U, SMX1500RMNCUS, SMX1500RMUS, SMX2000LV, SMX2000LVNC, SMX2000LVNCUS, SMX2000LVUS, SMX2000RMLV2U, SMX2200HV, SMX2200HVNC, SMX2200R2HVNC, SMX2200RMHV2U, SMX2200RMLV2U, SMX2200RMLVUS, SMX3000HV, SMX3000HV-BR, SMX3000HVNC, SMX3000HVT, SMX3000HVTUS, SMX3000LV, SMX3000LV2U-BR, SMX3000LVNC, SMX3000LVNCUS, SMX3000LVUS, SMX3000RMHV2U, SMX3000RMHV2UNC, SMX3000RMLV2U, SMX3000RMLV2UNC, SMX3000RMLVUS, SMX3KRMLVNCUS, SMX750, SMX750I, SMX750-NMC, SMX750US, SRT1000RMXLA, SRT1000RMXLA-NC, SRT1000RMXLI, SRT1000RMXLI-NC, SRT10KRMXLI, SRT10RMXLIX806, SRT1500RMXLA, SRT1500RMXLA-NC, SRT5KRMXLT, SRT5KRMXLT-IEC, SRT5KRMXLTUS, SRT5KRMXLW-HW, SRT5KRMXLW-TW, SRT6KRMXLI, SRT6KRMXLT, SRT6KRMXLT-IEC, SRT8KRMXLI, SRT8KRMXLT, SRT8KRMXLT-IEC, SUA3000RMXL3U-BR, SURT15KRMXLT, SURT15KRMXLT-1TF10K, SURT15KRMXLT-TF5, SURT20KRMXLT, SURT20KRMXLT-1TF10K, SURT20KRMXLT-TF5, SURT3000XLI-ET, SURT5000XLIX438, SURTA2200RMXL2U, SURTD3000RMXLT3U, SURTD3KRMXL3U-TF5, SYA12K16RMICH, SYA16K16RMICH, SYA8K16RMICH, SYAF16KRMICH
Depth1 cm
Height193 cm
Height (Rack Units)42U
Product TypeRack cable management panel
Weight0.91 kg
Width6 cm
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & SupportLimited warranty - 2 years
FeaturesVertical orientation
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