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Cybercrime has evolved into a global economy generating profits often exceeding those of legitimate companies.

While the physical security of your business may be targeted infrequently, your digital assets are subject to constant attacks. With the average cost to businesses affected by data breaches estimated at $3.86 million*, there is too much at stake not to make cybersecurity a priority.

With over 30 years’ experience delivering solutions across the IT spectrum, we help organizations reduce their digital attack surface with a dynamic approach that strikes the right balance between people, process and technology.

Our vendor-independent approach, leading technology solutions, state-of-the-art Customer Innovation Center and expert services help ensure your infrastructure, data and people are protected as cybersecurity threats and the regulatory landscape change.

ProgramStrategy and Operations Threat andVulnerability Management Data Center and Cloud Security ApplicationSecurity Data-Centric Security Identity and Access Management

Our Security Solutions practice is built around six critical elements of effective security:

Identity and Access Management

Provide safe access to critical applications and data. We help you ensure strong authorization across dynamic ecosystems, and proactively manage the identities and entitlements of people, services and devices.

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Application Security

Adapt your application security practices to meet current threats. We help secure the apps that run your business with multiple forms of detection, prevention and remediation.

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Data-Centric Security

Protect crown-jewel data, wherever it is. We work with you to identify mission-critical information assets and ensure greater visibility and control with a data-first security strategy.

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Data Center and Cloud Security

Successfully address modern data center and cloud security challenges. We help evaluate your current capabilities and ensure consistent protection across on-premises, cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

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Threat and Vulnerability Management

Identify and remediate gaps in your security defenses, before an attacker can exploit them. We help you uncover and address security flaws and refine your program to continuously maintain a strong cybersecurity posture.

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Program Strategy and Operations

Plan, set and achieve your security goals. We help you benchmark your current cybersecurity state and develop an actionable roadmap that sets you on the path to long-term security.

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*Ponemon Institute 2020 Cost of Data Breach Study