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Cybersecurity, everywhere you need it

Fortinet and SHI are dedicated to making the digital world a safer place. By providing comprehensive security solutions and services, we enable businesses of all sizes to securely accelerate their digital transformation journey. We strive to protect people, devices, and data everywhere with our unique value proposition: peace of mind knowing that your digital assets are secure from cyber threats.


Benefits of Fortinet solutions through SHI

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Detect threats and enforce security everywhere.

Our broad portfolio includes converged networking and security offerings across endpoints, networks, and clouds. It enables high-performing connectivity and coordinated real-time threat detection and policy enforcement across the entire digital attack surface and lifecycle.

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Close security gaps and reduce complexity.

Best-of-breed technologies are integrated with AI-powered centralized analysis and automated prevention. This delivers cohesive and consistent security, simplified operations across different technologies, locations, and deployments.

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Enable faster time-to-prevention and efficient operations.

A context aware, self-healing network and security posture leverages cloud-scale and advanced AI to automatically deliver near-real-time, user-to-application coordinated protection across the Fabric.

SHI is an Expert Level Partner of Fortinet and 2022 Partner of the Year.


  • SD-WAN Specialization
  • Operational Technology Specialization


  • Fortinet Partner of the Year

Fortinet Security Fabric

Fortinet’s Security Fabric is the industry’s highest-performing cybersecurity mesh platform delivering broad, integrated, automated capabilities supported by a large, open ecosystem. Fortinet empowers organizations to realize the benefits of secured digital acceleration by reducing complexity, streamlining operations, and increasing threat detection and response capabilities. Fortinet makes cybersecurity mesh architectures a reality.

The key pillars of the Fortinet Security Fabric:

  • FortiGuard AI-powered security
  • Secure networking
  • User and device security
  • Application security


The Fortinet Security Fabric thumbnail

The Fortinet Security Fabric 

Fortinet’s broad, complementary portfolio of cybersecurity solutions is built from the ground up with integration and automation in mind, enabling more efficient, self-healing operations and a rapid response to known and unknown threats.

Fortinet Security Fabric Enables Digital Innovation thumbnail

Fortinet Security Fabric Enables Digital Innovation 

The Fortinet Security Fabric solves challenges with automated solutions that enable security-driven networking, zero-trust network access, dynamic cloud security, and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven security operations.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Evaluating Your Next Security Investment thumbnail

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Evaluating Your Next Security Investment 

Creating a unified, self-healing environment across the full connection—device and users to applications—minimizes security gaps and provides timely and coordinated preventions and responses across the attack life cycle.

Making Cybersecurity Mesh Architectures a Reality With the Fortinet Security Fabric thumbnail

Making Cybersecurity Mesh Architectures a Reality With the Fortinet Security Fabric 

Fortinet has integrated its CSMA strategy across its broad solutions portfolio, making the Fortinet Security Fabric the industry’s highest-performing cybersecurity mesh platform.


Simplify your network and security with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN powered by security-driven networking and purpose-built processors enables infrastructure and networking teams to deliver improved user experience, instant ROI, and simplified operations. Self-healing WAN capabilities, advanced routing, a natively integrated next-generation firewall, and centralized orchestration accelerate digital transformation at scale. Cloud services are more quickly accessed and costs are reduced by replacing MPLS lines with broadband. Further, zero-touch provisioning shortens deployment time. The solution enables future-proofing by consolidating LAN and WAN operations for SD-Branch and is an ideal fit with emerging cloud-delivered SASE solutions.

Why Advanced Security Is Essential Effective SD-WAN Solution thumbnail

Why Advanced Security Is Essential Effective SD-WAN Solution 

A unified platform for SD-WAN can ensure consistent protection and simplify network infrastructure, while enabling granular policy-based controls based on a zero-trust access approach.

Multi-cloud Enterprise with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN thumbnail

Multi-cloud Enterprise with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN 

The Fortinet Security Fabric solves challenges with automated solutions that enable security-driven networking, zero-trust network access, dynamic cloud security, and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven security operations.

Effective WAN Transformation Depends On Security thumbnail

Effective WAN Transformation Depends on Security 

Include security for a successful and effective WAN Transformation.

2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ thumbnail

2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant 

Fortinet is recognized as a leader in both the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant for SD-WAN and Network Firewalls and for Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure.

Zero Trust Access

Fortinet Universal ZTNA provides secure and simple access to applications, regardless of where they are located, for users working from anywhere.

Zero Trust Access (ZTA) from Fortinet enables network operators to know and control everyone and everything on the network, including controlling access to applications (ZTNA).

Fortinet's unique approach, delivering universal ZTNA as part of their operating system, makes it uniquely scalable and flexible for both cloud-delivered or on-prem deployments, covering users whether they are in the office or remote.

Zero-Trust Access with SHI video thumbnail

Zero Trust Access with SHI 

Make sure your companies’ information, digital assets, and technologies are fully protected on and off your network with SHI and Fortinet.

Improve Application Access and Security With Fortinet ZTNA thumbnail

Improve Application Access and Security With Fortinet ZTNA 

Fortinet ZTNA simplifies secure connectivity and reduces the attack surface.

The State of Zero Trust Report thumbnail

The State of Zero Trust Report 

A zero trust solution requires elements designed to work together as an integrated system. 

The Advantages of Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) thumbnail

The Advantages of Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) 

ZTNA can be a smarter choice for securely connecting a remote workforce. 

Cloud security

Secure your cloud journey

Fortinet helps organizations secure their application journeys no matter where applications are deployed – from the data center to multi- and hybrid clouds to edge compute deployments.

Network security that protects and connect networks across data centers, multi- and hybrid clouds, and edge computing.

Web application and API protection that simplifies securing applications and APIs with AI/ML and automation. 

Cloud-native protection that reduces friction across cloud deployments with security that integrates with and works natively with cloud services.

Workload protection to seamlessly protect critical workloads.

Adaptive Cloud Security video thumbnail

Adaptive Cloud Security 

Adaptive Cloud Security provides consistent, comprehensive security solutions to effectively manage digital innovation risk.

Public sector

Maintain secure continuity with Fortinet’s public sector solutions.

Protect digital assets and critical infrastructure against growing advanced threats.

The key pillars of the Fortinet Security Fabric:

  • Provides a comprehensive security plan that simplifies system management and protects against the growing attack surface.
  • Enables governments to secure all attack surfaces. It converges networking and security tools into a single platform for tighter integrations, increased automation, and faster response to attacks.
  • Delivers comprehensive protection for healthcare networks, data, and devices. Our secure networking solutions also ease proving regulatory compliance.


How the Fortinet Security Fabric Empowers K-12 Education | K-12 Cybersecurity video thumbnail

How the Fortinet Security Fabric Empowers K-12 Education 

As distance and hybrid learning have become the norm in education, the Digital Transformation has accelerated. This acceleration creates more challenges by expanding the attack surface where security point solutions tend to hinder learning and teaching. See how the Fortinet Security Fabric enables education with integration and automation.

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