Zero Touch X with SHI

Accelerate hardware deployments and increase user productivity hassle-free with over-the-air provisioning (OTAP) from SHI's Zero Touch X Deployment Solutions. Every day, our high-capacity integration centers and over-the-air provisioning services deliver thousands of devices to employees, educators and students, all ready to go with the right configuration, apps and privileges from the moment they're powered-up.

No more complex and slow distribution processes, no more laborious manual configurations. Just happy, productive users.

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The SHI Guide to Zero Touch

Zero Touch can be used to to effectively address three specific end user computing challenges that often stand in the way of modernization. Learn how organizations are overcoming these hurdles with Zero Touch.

The X Factor: One Partner, All Platforms

SHI helps organizations around the world deploy and manage millions of devices running on all popular platforms. Zero Touch X Deployment Solutions from SHI supports:

Our Zero Touch X Approach

SHI's Zero Touch X Deployment Solutions utilizes OTAP to accelerate the deployment process, ensuring your new devices are configured in real-time, from anywhere, right out of the box. End users simply sign-in and watch as their device is populated with the right apps, policies, email accounts and more.

Zero Touch simplifies your configuration, deployment and maintenance processes by:
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Aligning with the best practices for configuring, deploying and maintaining your chosen devices. Our hardware and platform inclusive approach applies to your preferred desktops, laptops, tablets and/or smartphones — regardless of manufacturer.
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Utilizing our Integration Centers to help you select and deploy the right platforms, apps and configurations for your organization's individual needs.
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Leveraging SHI's many relationships with industry-leading vendors specialized in managing identities, migrating and backing-up data, and supporting apps and devices.

What Are the Benefits of Zero Touch for My Organization?

If your organization is looking to connect geographically dispersed individuals, reduce workload friction and impacts to collaboration all while maintaining a level of control over corporate-provisioned devices, SHI's Zero Touch X is your solution.

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Users auto-enroll their devices into corporate management domains without the requirements of traditional imaging and domain join.

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Complete visibility over user compliance, devices and policies of managed machines accessing corporate resources.

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Fine-grained security controls using dynamic policies to enforce specific actions based on device health, management compliance and location of users. Leveraging conditional access policy enforcement with Azure Active Directory.

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A transparent “chain of custody”, ensuring full visibility for IT and end users for self-service and provisioning of new hardware.

How Do I know Zero Touch Deployment Solutions are Right for Me?

If you need to provision remote users with devices that are ready to go, but don't have the centralized processing capabilities or staff, then Zero Touch Deployment Solutions from SHI are the right solution at the right time.

Zero Touch is the ideal way to support business critical initiatives such as remote working, digital workplace, transformation and spend optimization. Working with SHI lets you focus on running your organization, not getting bogged-down in the minutiae of device administration.

And because SHI works with all the major platform and hardware manufacturers, we'll help you select, deploy and manage the right solution for your needs – there's no one-size-fits-all approach here.

Discover how your organization will reduce costs and simplify end-user hardware deployments with SHI's Zero Touch X. Contact us now!