Configuration and Deployment

Your hardware solution – configured, assembled and delivered

Your end-users have no idea how that device got in their hands ... they're just happy it arrived on time and is ready to connect to your network.

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Our configuration experts and Integration Centers make configuring and shipping customized hardware a seamless, effortless process.

Whether your planned IT rollout is for a single server or for several thousand tablets, we can provide tangible cost savings by delivering logistical efficiencies – at every step of the way and for every size of deployment. With decades of experience and thousands of deployments, we have efficient, streamlined processes, and established best practices that ensure consistency and quality. Our fully customizable, scalable, and managed solution makes technology that's ready to use upon arrival not just a fantasy, but a very welcome reality.

Modern Desktop Solutions

Trust SHI to configure your devices

Your time is valuable, and so is that of your end-users. SHI’s ridiculously helpful experts can work with you to ensure that your deployment delivers what your organization needs, at the right time and on budget.


Your deployment, our project

Every configuration project that we carry out is managed to the same high standard – regardless of volume or device type. We know that whatever your size, you need a reliable partner to support your plan, so we project manage every activity, and provide you with visibility of your inventory, configuration and shipping data through our SHI One platform.


Your hardware, our experts

You can’t expect your internal teams to know about or be certified for every technology. Luckily, you have access to SHI’s certified experts throughout the life of your project, from advice to delivery. You can rest secure in the knowledge that you’ve made the right decisions, and that work is being carried out by highly qualified, specialized, and skilled experts.


Your costs, our efficiencies

The massive scale of our state-of-the-art Integration Centers reduces configuration cost, while using SHI’s experts removes the need to employ certified individuals. You can even save storage costs by letting us store your hardware and deliver it as needed. You’ll also save time by eliminating post-delivery customization and reducing DOA issues and shipping time.


Your needs, our solutions

Our decades of experience mean that we know configuration isn’t one-size-fits-all. Our service can include options such as SHI’s Zero Touch X. We can ship in bulk to your offices or individually to end-users at home. We can integrate SHI Mobile to provide reliable connectivity for remote and hybrid workers. Tell us what you need, and we’ll find a solution that works.


Your business, our quality

We know that quality of both product and service is important, and SHI as an organization is committed to quality. To this end, both our US and UK operations are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and our other international locations operate to the same high standards (using the same ERP and other systems), ensuring consistency wherever your end-users are located.


Your employee experience

We know that keeping your employees happy is key to keeping your customers happy. That’s why it's important that we can get devices to your end-users quickly and efficiently and know that they will be up and running immediately. Robust processes and quality management systems mean that we are confident we can deliver working equipment when and where needed.

Reliable, efficient delivery

You need consistency, wherever you’re delivering your equipment to. So, it’s reassuring to know that whether we’re fulfilling your needs from our original facilities in New Jersey (where we now have two vast integration centers) or from one of our newer locations in Europe or Asia, you can be sure that we will provide the same high standards of service.

Our best practices are built on years of experience and the huge numbers of devices that have passed through the hands of our ridiculously helpful experts and are applied consistently by all our teams in all our facilities.

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Get in touch with SHI’s experts in desktop modernization and accelerate your organization’s digital – and workforce – transformation today!

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