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Reinvent your workflows with seamless integrations

If the new hybrid world could be framed in one word, it would be disjointed. Disconnected tools. Multiple applications. Siloed workflows. Not to mention constant context shifting that slows down work and speeds up employee burnout. But even though how we work has changed, the nature of what we do hasn’t. Contracts still need to be signed. Employees still need to be onboarded.

Collaboration is just as important—if not more important—than ever. To stay ahead, organisations need a new set of document tools that deliver better employee and customer experiences. By integrating Adobe Acrobat Pro with the Microsoft 365 applications people use every day, we’re creating faster, simpler ways for organisations to collaborate, transact, and work from anywhere.

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Increase your efficiency

Give employees an easier way to get more done with automated and streamlined digital workflows that eliminate paper, printing, and mailing.

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Automate your workflows  

Acrobat and Microsoft 365 integrations save organisations time and money while reducing manual errors by automating routine, manual tasks.

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Go digital 

Digitise paper-based workflows and increase business efficiency by adding Adobe e-signatures to the Microsoft 365 applications your organisation relies on.

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Keep business moving forward  

With real-time collaboration tools, employees can work together more efficiently, keep track of key documents, and make sure projects stay on task.

Improve the employee experience

Do more with fewer steps. Acrobat Pro and Microsoft 365 work together, so teams experience less friction and more speed.

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Collaborate anywhere, anytime  

Your teams can share, comment, and collaborate on documents easily in real time without sending emails back and forth and reconciling feedback from multiple documents. And they can do it on any device, thanks to a mobile-first experience that provides intuitive reading and viewing, even on smaller screens. Just click to open and start commenting.

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Work any way you want  

Export PDFs in editable Microsoft formats. Turn your PDFs into Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files while preserving fonts, formatting, and layouts.

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Access all your tools in one place  

Because employees can access and use powerful PDF tools right from Microsoft 365 applications, IT teams can maximise the value of their technology investment. Employees looking to work through complex tasks and collaborate more efficiently can do so without switching between multiple applications. And Acrobat Pro and Microsoft 365 integrations give customers the easier and more personal experiences they expect, whether they’re signing contracts or commenting on proposals.

Get unmatched security

Help mitigate PDF-based attacks with built-in defences and enterprise-grade security techniques such as sandboxing, leak protection, and code sanitation. Protect sensitive information by adding Microsoft Purview Information Protection labels or password protection to PDFs, or by redacting content. Control access with Single Sign-On, and ensure that work on mobile stays secure with best-in-class security.

A better way to work across every department, all around the world


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More value for IT and greater efficiency for every employee  

Acrobat Pro helps IT teams maximise the value of their current investments by making the right PDF tools available within the Microsoft applications employees use every day. Now teams can break down organisational silos while improving efficiency and the employee experience.

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Speed, ease, and less paperwork for human resources  

From onboarding new employees faster, to creating handbooks securely and collaboratively, updating offer letters, and securing confidential employee information, Acrobat Pro is helping HR teams work more efficiently.

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More collaboration and faster transactions for sales teams  

Acrobat Pro lets sales teams work together on proposals easily, collaborate on RFPs, and close deals faster with advanced e-signing capabilities from any device—and within the Microsoft applications they already use.

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All-digital, seamless contract processes for procurement  

Acrobat Pro helps digitise the entire procurement process with the ability to populate forms and contracts quickly, track them in real time, and collect e-signatures. It also eliminates paper, waiting, and having to toggle between different applications.

More efficiency starts with better integration

No matter what changes come tomorrow, the need to do more with less remains the same. More speed, less context shifting. More time to work, less waiting. By helping organisations reimagine their workflows using Acrobat Pro and Microsoft 365 applications, we’re boosting efficiency and improving collaboration. Let’s talk about how we can do the same for you. Contact your SHI account manager to learn how Acrobat Pro with Microsoft 365 can help your business.

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